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IAR S.A. Brasov is a leading Romanian aerospace company with a proud history of aircraft production stretching back beyond 1952 to the early days of aviation.
In 1970, IAR S.A. becomes the only manufacturer of civil and military helicopters in Romania, and as of 1978, it remains the world’s only manufacturer of the military version of the PUMA helicopter.

IAR S.A. produced and delivered over 360 Alouette III and Puma helicopters under Aerospatiale license (nowadays Airbus Helicopters, a member of the Airbus Group), 830gliders and motor-gliders and 136 light aircraft in its own conception.

IAR S.A. owns full capacities, experience and certifications to develop and manufacture aeronautical products.
Now, IAR S.A. Brașov is a MRO specialized unit for Puma and Alouette III helicopters.

IAR S.A. develops upgrading programs, performs periodic inspections, overhauls, flight and ground tests for IAR 316 B Alouette III and IAR 330 PUMA. The company provides the extensive after-sale services: airworthiness assurance, spare parts supply and repair of equipment, technical assistance; the company also provides training programs for pilots and technicians of the beneficiaries and „Follow-on-Support”programs.
Also, carries out co-operation programs with prestigious worldwide aeronautical manufacturers for tooling, subassemblies and parts for different aircraft.

The main customers of the IAR 330 PUMA and IAR 316 B Alouette III helicopters manufactured at Brasov are: Romanian Air Forces, Romanian Navy, Romanian Intelligence Service, Romanian Ministry of Interior, Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters), Denel – South Africa, UAE Air Forces, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Forces, Sudan Air Forces ((1982-1984), Ivory Coast MoD, Lebanese Air Forces, Royal Air Force of Oman,…
Quality System implemented from the development phase until the customer support is certified according SR EN ISO 9001:2008 and SR EN ISO 9100:2010 standards. IAR SA is an EASA Part 145 authorized maintenance center and also an authorized center for manufacture according EASA Part 21.

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