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1. Share capital, shares and the rights conferred by them
2. The registry company and the services provided to the company’s shareholders
3. Shareholding Office

IAR S.A. Company, a commercial company whose shares are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) starting with 14.07.2015 (symbol “iarv”, ISIN “ROIARVACNOR1”), is one of the pillars of the aviation industry in Romania.

Founded on August 6, 1925 as a joint stock company with mixed capital, it represented „the first Romanian aircraft factory”, bearing the name „Romanian Aeronautical Industry-IAR Brasov”.

Following the successive development of this factory, through the execution under license and own projects of several types of aircraft, it is reached that, in 1939, it becomes an aviation concern manufacturing structures, engines, aircraft, weapons installations.

Among the famous achievements of that period we mention: Morane-Saulnier, Savoia-Marcheti, Messerschmidt, PZL, IAR 47, IAR 80, IAR 81 and others.

The traditions of the IAR are reborn in 1968, when “ICA GHIMBAV”, the current IAR S.A., is established, with the purpose of the manufacture of helicopters, gliders, gliders and airplanes.

Since 1970, IAR S.A. becomes the only manufacturer of military and civilian helicopters in Romania, and since 1978, it remains the only global manufacturer of the military version of the Puma helicopter.

IAR S.A. has produced and delivered more than 360 Puma and Alouette III helicopters under the Aerospatiale license (today Airbus Helicopters, a member of the Airbus Group), 830 gliders and gliders, as well as 136 light aircraft in its own design.

Aviation products made since the establishment and until now by IAR S.A. are: gliders and gliders (IS-23A, 7/12, 28, 29B, 29D, 24, 29E, 28B, 28B2, 29D2, 30, 32, 33, 28M1, 28M2, 28M2G, 28M2GR), light aircraft (IAR- 822, 823, 825, 827, 828, 831, 35, 46), helicopters (IAR316B ALOUETTE III, IAR330 PUMA, IAR317 AIRFOX, KA126, IAR330 PUMA modernized according to the Socat / SM / Naval / NATO / VIP programs).

Currently, IAR SA is a specialized company for maintenance, repairs, capital repairs (MRO), modernizations for 330Puma and 316B Alouette III helicopters, the main activity carried out by the company being the one provided in class 3316 of the CAEN Code – “Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft ”.

IAR S.A. develops modernization programs, performs periodic overhauls, overhauls and ground and in-flight tests for IAR 316 B Alouette III and IAR 330 Puma helicopters. The company provides the following after-sales services: airworthiness, supply of spare parts and equipment repairs, technical assistance; the company also ensures the training of the beneficiaries’ pilots and technicians, as well as „Follow-on-Support” programs.

Aspects regarding the quality management system (SMQ) implemented in IAR S.A .::

– the implemented SMQ in IAR S.A. is certified by AEROQ Bucharest, both in accordance with the SR EN 9100 standard (Certificate no. 004A / 2008, renewed annually), and in accordance with the SR EN 9001 standard (Certificate no. 007/1997, renewed annually).

– IAR S.A. is authorized by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, both as a production organization based on EASA PART 21G (Certificate RO.21G.0006 / 2009, renewed annually), and as a maintenance organization based on EASA PART 145 (Certificate RO.145.009 / 2011, renewed annually).

– IAR S.A. is certified by Airbus Helicopters Romania SA as a supplier for military products, respectively PUMA and Alouette III helicopter structure maintenance, PUMA helicopter equipment maintenance, PUMA and Alouette III spare parts manufacturing, laboratory tests, metrology, but also for spare parts manufacturing and subassemblies for Airbus Helicopters (Initial certificate from 2010 and renewed annually) .– IAR SA is certified by the Romanian military body OMCAS in accordance with the requirements of NATO-AQAP2110 for the design and production of aircraft aviation systems and equipment, modernization of aeronautical products, spare parts for aircraft, inspections, testing, maintenance and repair of aeronautical products (Certificate no. 11/2012, renewed annually).

1. Share capital, shares and the rights conferred by them

The share capital of IAR S.A. is of 47,197,132.5 lei, representing a total number of 18,878,853 registered shares, in nominal value of 2.5 lei each. Each share confers the right to one vote in the general meeting of shareholders. The vote may be cast directly by the shareholder, or through a representative of his, on the basis of the power of attorney granted for this purpose by the holder.

If a shareholder wishes to express his vote by correspondence, he must comply with the specifications stipulated in dedicated section for GMS presented on the IAR website.

2. The registry company and the services provided to the company’s shareholders

The register containing the shares and shareholders of the companies is kept, based on a service contract, by the registration company Central Depository SA. Any change in the identification of shareholders must be notified to this company, acceding its web page.

Through the Central Depository can be made the transfers of ownership over the shares of IAR SA, this company providing the following services:
– Issuance of account statement and list of confidential codes for individuals / legal entities
– Account clearance and summary of account positions
– Modification of the identification data of natural persons / legal entities
– Making direct transfers for the cause of death (inheritances)
– Making direct transfers between relatives or relatives up to and including the fourth degree

IAR SA distributes the dividends due to its shareholders through Central Depository SA and the paying agent agreed with this registry company.

Starting with 2015, the distribution of dividends due to the shareholders of IAR SA was made through banking institutions, such as CECBANK and BCR (currently), in compliance with the specific legal provisions in force.

Shareholders entitled to receive dividends must comply with the provisions of the procedures posted by the registry company Central Depository SA, acceding its web page.

3. Shareholding Office

Within the Company IAR SA is organized and operates a department dedicated to managing all aspects related to the company’s shareholders: the evolution of the shareholding structure, rights arising from the shares of IAR SA, the organization of general meetings of shareholders, dividend distribution, relationship with ASF, BVB and the Central Depository, any aspects of corporate governance, as they are regulated by the capital market legislation applicable to issuers whose securities are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The information of interest to shareholders and investors can be obtained from any of the persons below, who carry out their activity in this compartment, daily between 07:15 și 15:15.



1. eng. Aurelia SUMEDREA 0268-475108, extension 1018, e-mail, office@iar

2. ec. Camelia CEAPRAZARU 0268-475108, extension 1026, e-mail, office@iar


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